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Jul 22, 2017
Mar 22, 2006
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Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
C-130T Loadmaster Navy Reserves

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Super Moderator, Male, from Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA

Staff Member

bryantorres: Your questions moved here for clarity Jun 4, 2012

navylife59 was last seen:
Jul 22, 2017
    1. CiscoInATc
      Navy, been a long time since i have been logged into the site, however i always came here looking for your advice over the years. Thanks for all the tips, advice and taking the time to explain everything.
      1. navylife59
        Thanks. Been offline for a number of years when I got a disabling injury in the Navy.
        Jul 22, 2017
    2. B_Ryder_425
      Hey Navy, I'm Brian and I'm new to the site. I was browsing the forums trying to find some answers to a problem I'm having but I haven't had a lot of luck. So I was wondering if I could pick your brain with this problem I'm having. You can either Email me @ or text me (425)-750-6749 and I'll explain whats going on. Thanks, hope to hear from you.
    3. bwally08tc
      Hey navy I got a few questions for you if you could pm me or shoot me a text 440.309.5197 its about s/c. And unichip
    4. navylife59
    5. navylife59
      Sorry that you could not find a buyer. I was in a similar situation back when I was a quite a bit younger. Well, now you know that I am not here just for my good looks. :)
    6. EZE3
      Hey, thanks for that info on the repoing process. I'm just cutting my losses and letting it get repoed at this point. Thanks again!
    7. navylife59
      Well, it looks to be a fairly decent and complete kit. For that price, it has to be off-shore from China though. Buying from that vendor will afford you the limited-lifetime warranty as they are an Authorized Dealer. I could see myself buying this for my DD tC.

      Tsudo products can be purchased from a Tsudo authorized dealer.
      Product warranties are honored only on products purchased through a Tsudo authorized dealer
      Tsudo Authorized Dealers
      Speed-Element Motorsports
      2050 W Whittier Blvd #F
      La Habra, CA 90631 - Drag Wheels, Tsudo cat back exhaust, Junyan, Sonar
      Tel: 562-713-0808

      ERZ Performance
      1680 West Winton Ave #3
      Hayward, CA 94545
      ERZ performance sells Tein Coilovers, Tsudo performance, Weapon R intake, AEM intake, and Performance parts.
      Tel: 800-363-8599
    8. bwally08tc
      hey found this exhaust system will you please take a look and tell me what ya think Tsudo 2004-2010 Scion tC FULL EXHAUST System / 4-2-1 Header and S-pipe + N1 Catback
    9. navylife59
      Does your steering feel any different? Reservoir remaining full? If you dropped your front k-member to pull the trans out from under the car, you will have to have a new 4-wheel alignment. This is a must. If you pulled the trans from the top, then that is not an issue. PM me with the details.
    10. Nathanr.6168
      I have about 100 miles left to finish off the first 500 miles on the new clutch, but when i changed it out, something didn't tightened enough and is making a noise every time i start or stop or turn my wheel, any ideas what could be loose?
    11. navylife59
      Sweet! Have you had time to break in that clutch yet? Good to see you back on here. Give us an update on your Members Rides thread.
    12. Nathanr.6168
      Het man long time no see, I finally got the balls to do my clutch swap. I put in a clutchmasters stage 1 and a light weight flywheel but now my clutch won't engage correctly. It feels like the car tries to move in first and second with the clutch peddle all the way down and wont even go into third or higher. Any ideas?Edit: Never mind, the clutch peddle needed to be adjusted, got it working great now!
    13. navylife59
      I'll put it on my calendar. Thanks
    14. paperlegacy
      Rose Red Alibi is playing at the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo October 7, 2011 @ 10pm in Waco, Tx!!! Just in case you were gonna be out and about!
    15. navylife59
      Which post is that?
    16. TC3
      Could you help me with my recent post? I was told you were the right guy to ask. Thank you.
    17. navylife59
      What it will all boil down to though is the physical strength of the internals; mainly the input shaft, front pump, torque converter, and the 1st gear clutch packs. An experienced performance tranny shop might be able to rework the valve body to shift better but you have to keep in mind that the trans is computer controlled. A trans swap can be done, but will involve alot of cost in parts.
    18. navylife59
      What your transmission can hold up to is a mater of Torque and not HP. Torque is a twisting action. From this twisting action do we derive power (HP) to make work (energy). For example, my car was making 228.4WHP but only 196FtLbs TQ Now it is making 217WHP and 214FtLbs TQ. The car accelerates much harder with the 2nd configuration. You can get a turbo kit and have your tuner set it up in a manner that limits or flattens the Torque curve to help your trans survive. You will need to add a large air to liquid cooler to route your tranny fluid thru instead of the radiator. If you live in a cold climate, you will have to let the car warm up a few minutes longer. You need to run a high quality synthetic trans fluid that can handle the excess heat that will be generated in the fluid. This will help you clutch packs last longer and keep your torque converter from sludging up. The torque converter can be rebuilt to stall at a higher RPM for harder launches.
    19. navylife59
      In Most cases? What? I am the all knowing, all powerful Tech Moderator. Bow down to my large bulbous brain..........wait a tic...... this ain't that other forum. :) :confused: Kidding aside, thanks for the complement.

      ...more to follow.....
    20. R.S.4.0_2107
      Hey navy, I've been reading a bunch of threads and your input on the topics. That said, you seem to know what you're talking about in most cases. I have an '08 with an auto trans. I want to know what my options are as far as turbo kits go. From what I gather the most my trans can handle is about 250hp.... And there aren't any trans upgrade options, other than a manual swap... witch I'm not completely opposed to if that turned out to be the safest route. Looks like I'll have a budget of $4-5g that I may or may not want to dump into her. Tell me what you think. Im not looking to race... Get there quick, yes. Show the size of my member.. sure. Turn heads, most definitely. I'm working with an AEM short ram intake, Borla cat back and she's lowered a bit.
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    Home Page:
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    C-130T Loadmaster Navy Reserves
    TRD S/C - ZPI 9PSI Pulley
    TurboXS BPV
    Custom Shorty Intake
    Nology Wires
    ZPI Lightweight Crank Pulley
    NST Lightweight Water Pump Pulley
    NST Overdrive Alternator Pulley
    Custom 4Ga grounding
    Greddy Ultimate a/ MAP
    PLX Devices Wideband Controller
    Custom Vacuum Distribution Block
    DC Sports Header (Ceramic)
    Megan Sports S-Pipe
    TRD Axle-back
    Custom Painted Valve Cover
    Large FM Oil Cooler
    Royal Purple 10W-30 Synthetic
    Lucas Oil Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
    Toyota Performance Oil Filter
    Royal Purple 75W-90 Gear Oil
    Royal Purple Ice Super Coolant
    Kaminari CF Adj. Race Wing
    TYC Taillights
    Xpel Technologies Headlamp Protector (Blue)
    Wheels & Tires:
    Stock 17"s/ Potenzas (40K)
    Cross-drilled/slotted rotors F/R (Powder Coated Blue)
    Red Painted OEM Calipers
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Blue)
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    CF Fenders
    CF Rear Hatch Decklid
    18x8 Wheels and Tires
    Upgrade Struts
    6-Speed/LSD from ZPI (JDM)
    ZPI (Kenny) Tune

    Hotchkis TVS Stage I springs with F/R sway bars
    Hotchkis Front Strut Brace
    MMW Rear Strut Brace


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