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Club-tC is a website run for automotive enthusiasts, by automotive enthusiasts. We are in no way endorsed by Toyota or Scion or an other related entities. Because of this, in order to pay to keep this website running, we rely on advertisers and donations. Any member may donate to this website by becoming a premium member.
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  • Removal of All Advertisements - All members of Club-tC that take the time to register and login to the site will see fewer advertisements then non-registered site viewers. As stated, this website depends on advertisements and donations. By becoming a premium member, you help alleviate these costs; so in return all advertisements on this website will be removed during your subscription. If you are not a premium member, we kindly ask that you do not use advertisement blockers when browsing this website as you will literally be stealing our income away from us.
  • Premium Members Only Forum - All premium members get instant access to the premium members only forum that you may have seen towards the top of the forum list. This is a "unmoderated" forum where any and all topics will be free reign. Of course, adult topics or not, we will still require premium members to be civil to other members and follow the same forum rules they must follow around the rest of this site.
  • Other Miscellaneous Perks - Becoming a premium member will also enable you to freely customize your user title at any time. Prememium members will also receive a banner under their username everytime they post so that everyone knows that they helped contribute to the community.
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The administration here at Club-tC reserves the right to REVOKE premium membership from any user they deem to be a "trouble-maker". Becoming a premium member does not make you immune to the rules and regulations of these forums. If you abuse your special privileges, your premium membership may be revoked and you will not receive a refund.

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