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Available Parts For TRD S/C

Discussion in 'Engine' started by navylife59, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. navylife59

    navylife59 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    *******This thread is intended as a reference for sourcing replacement part #'s for the Scion tC TRD Supercharger. It is not intended as an endorsement for any particular vendor.

    Available from TRD Sparks
    TRD Toyota/Scion Parts Accessories from Sparks Toyota/Scion
    Toll Free # 1-866-249-3607

    Name Part Number Sub Category

    TRD, Supercharger Compressor Housing Bracket PTR01-21054
    TRD, Emblem, "Supercharged", Blister Type PTR01-500E-MB
    TRD, Emblem, Small Rectangular, Bubble Type PTR01-3500T-RD
    TRD Upper Intake Pipe: 2.5" PTR03-21061
    TRD Bypass Valve: 2.5" ID PTR03-21062
    TRD Hardware Kit: Cold Air Intake PTR03-21063
    TRD Middle Intake Pipe: 2.5" PTR03-21072
    TRD Lower Intake Pipe: 2.5" PTR03-21073
    TRD Conical Air Filter: 2.5" ID PTR03-21074
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Cold Plug PTR24-21050-00
    TRD, Spark Plug PTR24-21055-01
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Rear Bracket PTR25-21060
    TRD 2AZ S/C, Drive Belt PTR30-21050
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Wire Harness Relocation Kit PTR41-21050
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Bracket Kit, AC Hose / Wire Harness Relocation PTR41-21051
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Oil Feed Line T-Adaptor, AN to NPT Fitting, PTR41-21052
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Idler Bracket Bolt w / Oil Return Line Hardware Kit PTR41-21053
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Valve, Bypass PTR41-21054
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Air Box Assy Kit Lower w/inlet Adaptor PTR41-21055
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, ECU Remap Module PTR41-21056
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Crank Position Sensor Wire Ext. Assy. PTR41-21057
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, VSV Rubber Mount/Hose/Bypass Valve Hose Kit PTR41-21058
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Hose, Oil Feed Assy PTR41-21059
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Rear Mounting Bracket, assembly, Aluminum Cast PTR41-21060
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Crankshaft Bolt PTR41-21061
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Idler Pulley PTR41-21062
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Driven Pulley w/Hardware Kit PTR41-21063
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Air Box Rubber Mounts & Sleeves PTR41-21064
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Driven Pulley Shim Asst. Kit PTR41-21065
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Clamp Kit PTR41-21066
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Idler Pulley Hardware Kit PTR41-21067
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Inlet Cover PTR41-21068
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, O-Ring, Supercharged tC PTR41-21069
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Oil Pan w/ Return Tube PTR41-21160
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Thermostat, 70C / 160F PTR41-21161
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Formed Fuel Line Assembly PTR41-21162
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Fuel Injectors, High-Flow PTR41-21163
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Gasket, HC Trap Holder, Buna PTR41-21164
    TRD 2.4AZ, Supercharger Main Assy. PTR41-21165
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Insulator, Exhaust: Stamped PTR41-21166
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Hose Kit: Inlet/Outlet/Bypass PTR41-21167
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Hose, Water Return PTR41-21168
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Oil Return Hard Line Assy. PTR41-21169
    TRD 2.4AZ S/C, Rear Bracket & Inlet Cover Hardware PTR41-21170

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