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Axle-back Adjustable Exhaust Hanger

Discussion in 'Engine' started by navylife59, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. navylife59

    navylife59 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    This is a cheap little setup to help dial-in your axle-back exhaust to optimize ground clearance, adjust the exit of the exhaust tip in relation to the bumper cover, and to prevent the axle-back assembly from rattling around. It attaches to the REAR SUSPENSION MEMBER SUB-ASSEMBLY allowing 3-axis adjustments.

    I have this on my car and do not have any vibration issues as I still retain the 2 OEM hanger isolators that are on my current setup.

    These are simple parts from any auto supply.
    1. Hang-It-All part #17146 Universal Exhaust Hanger System
    2. 1 2.5" or larger worm gear clamp like this one from Ideal 67-1 Series part # 6732-1 or 6740-1 for 3" pipe.
    NOTE: Clamp size will depend on your exhaust diameter.

    Axle-back Hanger -ink.JPG

    The yellow arrow points to the Ideal clamp and the red circle points to the 2 brackets, 2 bolts/nuts, and 4 washers from the Hang-It-All kit (rubber strap in kit not used).

    Axle-back Hanger.JPG

    Attach shortside L-bracket from the kit to a bolt hole with a bolt/washer just left and aft (rearward) of the center tie-down bracket on the REAR SUSPENSION MEMBER SUB-ASSEMBLY. Now, attach long bracket to the exhaust pipe with the Ideal clamp. Do this inline with the L-bracket. Attach remaining bolt/nut/2x washers into the last hole on the long bracket and thru the longside of the L-bracket. All that is left is to adjust and tighten up the 2 nuts.

    Thruster 9000.jpg
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