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Dc Sports Header Install

Discussion in 'Engine' started by K20si, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. K20si

    K20si Member

    Dec 22, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL to Baltimore,MD
    By Darrell K20si

    Difficulty (1-5): 2
    Time Frame: 1.5-2 hrs

    Tools Needed:
    Metric Socket Set
    Torx 5.0mm socket
    Floor Jack
    Jack Stands
    4" or 6" Socket Extension
    12mm Open Head Wrench
    Adjustable Wrench (or 15/16 Open Head wrench )

    New Exhaust Manifold Gasket (P/N 17173-28010)
    12mm Deep Socket
    Impact Wrench
    Torque wrench
    Work Mat
    1/2th bit

    First and foremost Please DO NOT!!! WORK UNDER THE CAR WHILE IT RESTS ON THE FLOOR JACK... use jack stands, I've had a bad experience with a car held only on a jack. Trust me its worth the 15 dollars or so...

    Place one stand on each side of the car using the cars side supports.

    Now that you have done this, it's time to get down and dirty :)

    *Make sure the engine is cool before you start working*

    First Remove the (4) 12mm nuts holding the heat shield in place
    Then using a 5.0 torx socket unscrew the stud

    After removing the stud, move the heat shield away from the header and spray the (5) Header nuts and 02 sensor with WD40. (Use a good amount)
    (Note: Doing this will make the new header smoke for about 10 minutes, if smoke continues for more then 10 minutes shut the car off at once and recheck your work)
    Now let the nuts and 02 sensor soak in the WD40 for about 20 minutes.

    While the 02 is soaking, get under the car and using your 4"-6" extension remove the (2) 9/16th spring loaded bolts.

    Now you will see a black bracket that connects from the bottom of the header to a mounting point. There are two of these brackets one on each side of the header, both have one nut connecting them to the header. The nuts are 9/16ths remove them as well.

    The right hand bracket (Closest to the passenger side) will need its 2nd bolt removed. This bolt connects the bracket to its mounting point. Remove this bolt, then remove the right hand bracket. (Bracket needs to be removed to slide the OEM header out)

    Now remove the 12mm bolt from this mount and the other 12mm bolt hidden under the mount

    If it has been 20 minutes or more head over to your O2 sensor with your ...edited 22MM O2 Sensor Removal Tool (available at any autoparts). Adjustable Wrench or (15/16 Open Head Wrench) can be used, but risk stripping the head of the sensor.....Click this link for examples of the different styles of these special sockets.

    Give it one turn. After that it should be loose enough to take it off with your hand. After this you can remove the heat shield completely.

    Now unbolt the (5) 12mm nuts, the nut is a little stubborn. I had to use a 12mm Open Head Wrench with slight Hammer tapping :D. Once you get the final bolt off, remove the header by sliding it out to the passenger's side and then pulling up, this will expose the old gasket.

    Remove the old gasket. (If you are reusing the gasket do not remove it.
    On the bottom of the OEM header you will see this Donut Gasket. Remove it.

    And place it on the DC header.

    Now with your new Gasket. (P/N 17173-28010) Install it.

    And set the header in place.

    Now put your bolts on the studs and tighten them. Give each bolt about one turn and then move on to the next one. Repeat this until they are all tight (20 foot pounds is the specs on these). I myself didnt have a Torque Wrench so use your judgement.

    Now Place in your O2 sensor in the new header. ...edited A new metal crush gasket should be used, but the old one still might work. Plut a very small amount of anti-seize only on the threads. Make sure the sensor probe is clean. Do NOT use carb or brake cleaner spray.... Tighten it down with your wrench.

    Now back under the car line up the header and put in your spring loaded bolts.
    Tighten them down until the spring is fully compressed.

    And your done!!!
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