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I'll be going back to theprediction like that's

Discussion in 'Member Support' started by juliyagil balis, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. juliyagil balis

    juliyagil balis New Member

    Apr 2, 2015
    I'll be going back to theprediction like that's exactly what Striction BP we thought and so maybe she'd she knows we're gonnathink that maybe there be a twist yeah smart like that maybe making ugh Icannot wait after but there's a on pins and needles are marked and let me knowbut I can't believe I innu no idea Washington died on me and 2014 thehairstyle yeah like updated work it out get backup paid I'll only be like a 12 live but I'llyeah okay call this one but two prediction your after bowls DVDpredictions I love you're not running around allright got million lights but once the shower it's okay know it more than I Bell don't know yetno light fair pay the bills are adaptable the broadcasting in the dark yeah starts at you when you put yourprediction on however I think that Bailey is going to get a little jealous that I am her husband hang out with thekiddos you now playing with them and hangingout at like there's gonna be maybe for fights going on there i'ma and then I don't know ..

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