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Rear Swaybar Installation

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by Alex8181, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Alex8181

    Alex8181 Administrator

    May 16, 2005
    2005 Flint Mica
    Written By: Alex8181

    Difficulty (1-5): 2
    Time Frame: 1 Hour

    Adding on an aftermarket swaybar is an easy and effective way to decrease the body roll on your car. Matched with a good spring and shock combo will give you a very tight handling car. The most preferable time to change your swaybar is when you are upgrading your shocks and springs since they are out of the way. If not it will take some patience to take the old swaybar out and put in the new swaybar.

    Step 1: Remove rear wheels and put the rear of the car on jackstands.

    Step 2: With wheels removed, unbolt the rear endlink from the swaybar ends.


    Step 3: Removing the bracket holding a flex hose will give you better access to the swaybar.


    Step 4: Remove the swaybar bolts and brackets.


    Step 5: Maneuver the swaybar out of the car, it will take some patience to do so and having a friend also helps. Grease the rubber bushing and brackets that should be supplied with your swaybar. Than attach them to the swaybar. The picture below shows you the difference in thickness between the stock and TRD bar.


    Step 6: Now maneuver your new swaybar into the back of your car. Be careful putting it in, you don't want to scratch the paint off of the bar. Bolt the brackets back in first. Torque to 26 ft. lbs. Than bolt the endlinks back onto the ends of the swaybar. Torque to 32 ft. lbs. Also notice that the TRD swabar has two holes to connect the endlinks to. The outer one is for a "street" setup while the inner is for a "race" setting. I haven't been able to test the tC to the point where it is noticeable, but the options are there on the TRD swaybar.
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