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TRD S/C Issues

Discussion in 'Engine' started by navylife59, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. navylife59

    navylife59 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    *** This thread is for all TRD S/C owners. There is a definate problem that needs to be addressed as a TSB and not a "fix it as it breaks" policy. If you suffer a different issue, please post. This is not a discussion thread, but a research tool.***

    In speaking with a "soon to be authorized" TRD S/C mod/repair facility, the owner stated that the TRD supplied horseshoe brackets are the cause of all the TRD woes; from the broken mounting bracket, the blown end seal, and the worn shaft end bearings, to the complete failure of the torque shaft. It causes a misalignment of the torque shaft that creates undue stresses. This is a design flaw that should be addressed. I have been expecting an e-mail from that company listing their out-of-warranty repairs and update mods. So far, the pricing ain't too pretty.

    Note: Due to the end of production of the TRD S/C kit in 2009, all 3rd party companies either were denied by TRD or pulled-out on their own.

    To better serve our TRD S/C members, I am going to create a thread in the Knowledge Base section to track these issues. If there is enough commonality in the problems, then we can address these directly to Toyota Corporate to offer a TSB to update all previous year models to the better and safer design. Why should we have to pay good money to fix TRD's engineering flaws? We will need the proof so post up only if the problem was yours.

    The main problems with the TRD S/C are listed here:
    1) Compressor mounting bracket - Mounting tab cracks from the torsional stresses. The updated bracket has metal sleeves that allow the bracket to slide back and forth slightly. The drawback here is that the compressor housing now "wiggles" which can speed up wear on the shaft seal and input shaft bearing. There is a phenolic resin/rubber coupler between the torque shaft and the input shaft of the S/C gearbox to isolate vibrations inputted from the belt drive system to the S/C. There is also the possibility of added frictional losses in efficiency. A full billet aluminum piece is the only answer.
    2) Shaft seal - The stock shaft seal is a low cost piece that does not hold up. Heat buildup and vibrations from a loose compressor housing are too much for the material. Replacement can be costly as the entire torque shaft/pulley drive unit has to be removed. The input shaft bolt is a right-hand thread, 1/2" 12-point ARP bolt that can only be removed with an impact gun. Replace the seal with a better piece Timken part #222540 (Metric 25-40-7)
    3) Idler Pulley Bearings - Whether your kit has one or two idler pulley bearings, they will fail on you at some time. The bearings in them are just average sealed bearings. They are not up to the continual side loading or the speeds of the serpentine belt system. Toyota finally stocks replacements, but suggest that higher-speed units be sourced.
    4) Torque Shaft Bearings - The are two bearings located in the drive pulley housing that mount the torque shaft. These tend to fail from the forces imposed upon them by the loosely mounted compressor housing (broken or replacement bracket movement). They are also not considered high-speed bearings so they tend to fail when the S/C is overdriven. High-speed replacement bearings can be outsourced.

    TRD SC Schematic 05-07.jpg

    Kit Contents
    Item Qty Description
    1 1 Supercharger Main Assembly
    Torque Shaft end seal o-ring failure​
    2 1 Bolt, Flange Head 10x1.25x25 x 14WF

    Torque Shaft end bearing excessive wear​
    3 1 Key, 3/16” Square by 7/8” long
    4 1 Pulley, 7-Groove SC Drive
    5 1 Retainer Cup, Drive Pulley
    6 1 Retainer Washer, Drive Pulley
    7 1 Bolt, 3/8-24 x 1 x 9/16 WF, Gr.8 Drive Pulley
    8 1 Cap, Tamper Proof Plastic TRD
    9 2 Idler Pulleys
    Idler Pulley bearing excessive wear​
    10 1 Bracket, Cast Aluminum Transmission Mount
    S/C mounting bracket failure​
    11 3 Bolts, 3/8-16 UNC x 1”x 5/16 Allen WF
    12 2 Bolts, SHCS 12 x 1.25 x 80 x 10mm AllenWF
    13 2 Shim, 0.005” Drive Pulley
    14 2 Shim, 0.010” Drive Pulley
    15 2 Shim, 0.025” Drive Pulley
    16 1 Bolt, Button Head 10x1.25x40x6mmAllenWF
    17 2 Spacers, Idler Pulley Outer
    18 2 Spacers, Idler Pulley Inner
    19 2 Bolts, SHCS 10 x 1.50 x 70 x 8mm Allen WF
    Idler Pulley mounting bolts corrosion​
    20 2 Nuts, 10 x 1.5, 6Pt, Self Locking 17mm WF
    21 1 Bolt, Hi-Strength 12-Pt Crank Bolt w/captured washer 14 x 1.5 x 45 x 19WF
    22 1 Bracket, Lower Airbox
    23 1 Intake Boot, Fender to Airbox
    24 1 Airbox, Lower TRD
    25 3 Rubber Grommets, Airbox Lower
    26 3 Metal Spacers, Airbox Lower
    27 1 Air Filter 17801-03010
    28 1 TRD HC Filter/Trap
    29 1 Air Inlet “Trumpet” Diffuser
    30 1 Hose, Airbox to SC intake “Tuba”
    31 1 Intake Manifold, Cast Aluminum TRD
    32 1 O-Ring for SC Inlet Manifold 3.237 “ ID
    33 3 Bolts, SHCS 6 x 1.0 x 16 x 5 mm Allen WF
    34 3 Flat Washers, 6mm
    35 1 Hose Clamp 70-90 mm
    36 3 Hose Clamps 60-80 mm
    37 3 Hose Clamps 25-40 mm
    38 1 Hose, SC to Throttle Body
    39 1 Bypass Valve, Bosch
    BPV boost leak​
    40 1 Hose, Bypass to SC Intake
    41 1 Hose, 3/16” vacuum, Bypass to Throttle Body 16” long
    42 1 T fitting, 1/4 x 1/4 x 3/16 vacuum line
    43 1 Hose, VSV vacuum 7mm x 12 mm x 250mm
    44 1 VSV Rubber mounting bracket
    45 1 Fuel Supply Line, TRD
    46 1 Plastic Clamp, Fuel Supply Line 23842-28010
    47 4 Fuel Injectors, TRD
    48 4 Spark Plugs, TRD Denso K22PR-U
    49 1 Belt, Serpentine Drive 7PK2275
    50 1 Heat Shield, TRD modified
    51 1 71°C (160°F) Thermostat
    52 1 Fitting, Hexagonal “T” Oil Feed
    53 1 Hose Assy., Blue Parker Push Loc Oil Feed
    54 1 Fitting, Oil Feed 1/8”MNPT x dash 4 37°M AN
    55 1 Hose Assy., Oil Return Hard Line
    56 2 Hose Clamps, Oil Return Line, Spring Preload
    57 1 Bolt, 8 x 1.25 x 16 x 13WF, Oil Return Line
    58 1 Washer, 8 mm Flat, Oil Return Line
    59 1 Crimp Nut, 8 x 1.25 x 13 mm WF, Oil Return
    60 1 Oil Pan w/ return tube braze-in
    61 1 Bracket, AC Line Front
    62 1 Bracket, AC Line Rear
    63 2 Bolts, Flange Head 6 x 1.0 x 12 for AC line brackets
    64 1 Hose, Upper Engine Radiator
    65 1 Wire Loom ½ “ 8 inch length
    66 1 Wire Loom ¾” 7 inch length
    67 2 Zip Ty-Wrap, Small
    68 4 Zip Ty-Wrap, 7 inch/Medium TY525MX
    69 3 Zip Ty-Wrap, OE anchor style, 82711-16830
    70 1 CPS Extension Wire
    71 1 Adell Clamp, dash 12, Galv. Steel w/ rubber
    72 1 ECM Map Module
    73 2 ECM Decal
    74 1 Premium Fuel Only Decals (1 pair)
    75 1 Belt Routing Label
    76 1 Tune-Up Label
    77 2 EO Label
    78 3 Badge, Supercharged, 00602-17620-EMB
    79 3 Badge, TRD, 00602-17620-TRD
    80 1 Warranty Card, TRD Supercharger
    81 1 Mirror Hanger
    82 1 Registration Card
    83 1 Installation Instructions
    84 1 Thermostat Gasket, 16325-28010
  2. navylife59

    navylife59 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    Posting Format

    Please post in this format. If you have more than one issue, then do it for every instance but in the same post please.

    I will start this off:

    Model: 2005
    Miles on S/C at Discovery: 30K
    Prob: Cracked supercharger compressor mounting bracket.
    Cause: Attributed by TRD to be improper torque sequence by installer.
    Repair: Newly designed bracket.
    Warranty: Not for me, had way too many problems with the dealer install to
    let them touch my baby again.​

    Model: 2005
    Miles on S/C at Discovery: 21K
    Prob: Corrosion, Idler Pulley mounting bolts.
    Cause: Lack of thread sealant. Found on other bolts.
    Repair: Remove corrosion and have bolts re-electroplated. Use thread sealer.
    Note: Close tolerance with pulley bushing may make chrome plating unfeasible.
    Warranty: Not considered warrantied by Dealer or TRD.

    Model 2005:
    Miles on S/C at Discovery: 21K
    Prob: Excessive bearing wearing, Idler Pulleys
    Cause: Low speed rated bearings.
    Repair: Replace with new Idler Pulleys.
    Warranty: Not considered warrantied by Dealer or TRD. (this may have
  3. StreetracerJay

    StreetracerJay Member

    Dec 1, 2006
    Model 2007 S/C tc.
    Miles on S/C at Discovery: 21134
    Prob: Excessive bearing wear. Idler Pulley squealing bad!
    Cause: bearing went bad. Squealed really load and very annoying!
    Repair: Replaced new Idler puelly and new belt.
    Warranty: toyota did it for free! Hope nothing else go wrong!

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